Dear Valued Customers,

In an effort to provide information on American Metal Group’s products and their contribution to the environment, we are proud to share the following information with you. As you know, steel has long been recognized and considered one of the most recycled building products with a high reclamation rate. Recent interest in recycling has been driven by the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system. The LEED rating system only promotes the use of materials with high levels of recycled content.

We process steel bars from a number of hot roll steel bar producers who use both electric arc furnace (EAF) and basic oxygen furnace (BOF) steel manufacturing methods. The EAF method typically uses between 95-100 percent old steel to make new while the BOF process typically uses between 25-35 percent old steel to make new. Which original material process we choose to use is driven by not only economic considerations but also application specifications of the end user.

In either case, our methods of cold finishing bars leaves no waste; any scrap produced in our cold finishing process is reclaimed and 100 percent recycled back to the steelmaking processes described. We hope this information is helpful. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your American Metal Group sales representative. Thank you for your continued support of American Metal Group.