Dear Valued Customer,

Re: European REACH Regulation Compliance Letter

This letter establishes the opinion of American Metal Group regarding the status, under the current European Union (“EU”) Regulations on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemical Substances (“REACH”)1 , of the product American Metal Group supplies to your organization in the United States, with the understanding that your organization may subsequently send this product to the EU. We have no hesitation in concluding that, under these circumstances, the products we provide to your organization meet the criteria for an “Article” under REACH.

American Metal Group is not required by REACH to register or pre-register the substances used in “preparations” that are sold outside of the EU. In addition, Articles are exempt from the REACH requirements if (a) the Article does not contain a substance of very high concern or candidate substance in an amount exceeding 0.1% weight by weight, and (b) if substances present in the Article in excess of 1 ton per year per importer are not expected nor intended to be released.3 Neither of these conditions apply to American Metal Group products or similar Articles. Therefore REACH does not require American Metal Group to register, preregister, notify, or communicate the substances contained within the Articles that American Metal Group supplies to your company.

We trust that you will find this letter fully responsive to your request. Should you have any further questions, or if we may be of assistance in any other way, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your continued support of American Metal Group.